À propos de nous

Your children are our pride!

IFS is located in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. We offer IVF, egg donation and surrogate motherhood services all over the world. We are highly qualified and responsible specialists. The guarantee of our professionalism is the cooperation with the best IVF clinics and strict selection of employees, including lawyers, managers and psychologists.

The best doctors

Only the best fertility doctors are engaged in the implementation of programs. The maximum possible percentage of successful protocols in surrogate programs speak volumes about their high qualification.

The best laboratories

The whole range of quality diagnostic services is provided by well-equipped laboratories.

The best clinics

The management of pregnancy and childbirth takes place in reputable medical institutions.

If you decide to start a family, we will be happy to give you the necessary support. We fully understand the vital importance of such a step and are serious about the confidentiality of our customers during the whole process of the reproductive program.